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Beyond Venetian Plastering Manchester is a specialist in high-quality wall finishes such polished plaster. It can enhance the exterior and interiors of your property for both residential or commercial purposes.

Polished plaster is a term that can be used for new or improved forms of traditional Italian plaster finishes. It can be used to describe many decorative plaster finishes like Venetian plasters and Marmorino plasters. This includes rough-hewn polished plasters.

Polished plaster can be used on ceilings and walls to mimic polished marble, limestone, and travertine. These plasters can also be mixed together to create unique finishes.

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Coloured Plaster

It is possible to tint or colour-coordinate polished plaster using synthetic or natural colourants. Venetian plaster may be tinted with synthetic or natural colours.

Because of the ability to match colors using the RAL color scheme, almost all colours are possible. RAL is the European standard in colours for architecture and construction. Many commercial paint manufacturers use RAL colour codes for matching their colour charts.

You can match paint colorus you like. Farrow and Ball colours are a good example of how to add uniqueness to interior design projects. There are many sample boards that can help you decide the right surface finish.

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Italian Plaster

There are many options for creating unique finishes using textured plasters. There are three types available: travertine; dragged; and pitted. Textured polished plasters are almost matte in appearance. It’s made of large carrara Marl grains, slaked Limestone, soaps, tints, and other ingredients.

It is made in Italy and contains no VOC or acrylic additives. It is durable and easy-to use, making them environmentally friendly.

Polished Plaster is a wall finish that can be used in both interior walls and ceilings. The final results are breathtaking. Our expertise will make your residential or commercial property stand out. Venetian plastering can give your business or home that extra elegance and beauty that is only possible with these wall coverings.

Polished Plaster

This wall coating has been around since the beginning! This nearly 10,000-year-old finish is compatible with most design schemes, from traditional to modern. It can make a big statement or create a calm atmosphere.

Our company has been polishing plaster for years. Our experts are able to offer guidance and advice so you can make the right decision.

Venetian plaster, an old technique for applying stuccoed wall coverings, is now a modern term. Venetian plaster, also called lime plaster, is a mixture of fired limestone, marble dust and water. It can appear like real marble once the surface has had its surface burnished. It is the exact same material our ancestors used when making their ancient Egyptian, and Greek tombs. It’s been able to withstand the test of time, both physically as well as visually.

polished plaster wall with reflection

Venetian Plaster and Total Manchester Venetian Plastering Service - Finest Venetian Polished Plaster Services in Greater Manchester North West

Stong, Durable and Flexible

Polished Plaster is strong and can work in any room of your house, including the kitchen and bathrooms. Wetrooms feature walls, swimming pools walls, hallways as well doors and columns.

Venetian mortar’s durability, low maintenance and longevity are two other benefits. Venetian plaster has a very similar application and maintenance to paint. In the past, it was more difficult to repair and required replastering of the entire wall. Now, small marks and blemishes can be repaired by either wiping it or fixing them on-site.

We are proud to offer high-quality work. We are here to help you from the first time you contact us through the final completion of your Manchester luxury Wall Design.

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Marmorino Plaster

This plaster (or stucco) decoration was used on walls during Venice’s Renaissance 500 years ago. It is popular for luxury bathrooms and other wet areas because of its waterproof and antibacterial qualities. It isn’t just for interior usage. It can be used externally in many buildings to great effect.

This highly-respected finish is made using fine marble powders, lime paste, and other materials. A precise mixture between micro-marble and other materials creates stucco. This plaster can also be used to create other effects beyond the standard marble effect.

It is completely non-toxic and emits zero VOC’s. It is also breathable and allows moisture escaping from the substrate.

Manchester Venetian Plaster

Venetian mortar is applied loosely with either a spatula (or a trowel). It’s different from multi-finish plasters where you apply it in straight lines. The swirls create depth rather than a flat, uniform surface finish. Apply layers and finish by polishing it with a wax coat.

This finish is popular in Greater Manchester, and is often used for top architects. It can be left untreated or sealed and waxed.

Venetian Plaster, an ancient surface treatment, has made a comeback to modern houses. It is mostly used in interior walls or ceilings. It replicates the multi-toned appearance of natural stone without having to transport or install large slabs.

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